Here’s how it works

FIRST, tell us all about your design needs.

  • Provide a general overview of your business or event and what you’d like your design to achieve.
  • Share specific ideas regarding colors and messaging, etc.
  • Include photos if you have them.

NEXT, schedule a convenient video chat.

  • Choose a half-hour when you won’t be interrupted.
  • This time is all about you and your design!
  • Find a place where noise won’t distract you or your designer.
  • Headphones can be helpful.

THEN, share feedback with your designer.

  • Look over your design together, ask questions and be sure you’re happy with the results.
  • Feel free to suggest final touches or updates to colors, fonts, positioning, sizing and more.
  • We want to be sure you love your product!

Examples of our design work

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More Graphic Design Services

Printed Product Design

Have an expert create a product, re-create a design or make edits to an existing design.
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Website Design

Our professional graphic designers will build a new, unique-to-you website.
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Logo Design

A graphic designer will create a logo that’s perfect for your business. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a DesignLive session cost and how long is it? 
A: Depending on the product you're having designed, the price is $5, $10, or $20 for 30 minutes. If you need more time, it only costs $10 for an additional 30 minutes. Note: Your session cost covers the design, not the printed product. 

Q: What kind of information should I include when sending you my request? 
A: Details about your company, preferred design styles and colors, text to include, images you want on your design, etc. If you need to send files which aren’t accepted through the brief process, call us at 1.800.514.6592 for assistance. 

Q: I need to work with a designer right now. Is there a designer available?
A: We have appointments available same day, but we like to give our designers a little time to prepare for the call. However, you may call our customer service hotline for assistance. Note: We can’t guarantee that a designer will be able to work with you right away.

Q: Can I ask for a specific designer?
A: You can only select a specific designer if you already used our DesignLive service which lets you schedule an appointment with any designer you've previously worked with. You can rest assured that all our designers are professional and proficient.

Q: Do I have to set up an account with you?
A: Yes. If you don’t already have a Vistaprint account, don’t worry, you’ll be guided through the easy sign-up steps after you set up your appointment and begin the checkout process.

Q: Where can I find my appointment schedule and access to the session?
A: You’ll receive an email confirmation from Vistaprint with your appointment info. You can also find it under 'My Design Services' on your Vistaprint account. You’ll be able to access the Zoom meeting link in these places.  

Q: How should I prepare before my DesignLive session?
A: Prepare the device you will be using.  A laptop or desktop computer is ideal, as that offers the best view of the live, shared screen session. You’ll receive an email with a link to join before your session. 

Q: If I don’t have a camera can I still go to the session?
A: Absolutely. Sharing your webcam is completely your choice, but you'll be able to see us!

Q: What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment? 
A: There are two ways to reschedule your appointment. In your confirmation email, you can click on the Reschedule button. You can also reschedule via our website – go to My Account (make sure you’re signed in), and then find a Reschedule button under My Design Services.
You can cancel the appointment by going in to your Order History page and click 'Cancel Items' or call us to request cancellation. Refund will be processed 3-5 business days after the cancellation.

Q: Will I receive a phone call from the designer before my session starts?
A: No. You simply click the Zoom link at the time of your scheduled session to start talking with a designer.

Q: What if we don’t finish my design on the call? 
A: That’s totally fine! Just like with our Printed Product Design Service , you’re able to submit up to three revisions.  Simply go to My Design Services under My Account, select your DesignLive order and Ask Designer for Edits. You may always call us at 1.800.514.6592 for assistance. 

Q: Where can I find the design that was made for me during my session?
A: Go to your 'My Account' tab and look in My Design Services or My Projects.  

Work live with a graphic designer.

You tell an expert what you’re looking for, then collaborate one-on-one to be sure the end result is exactly what you envisioned.