Plastic Business Cards

Unique – and uniquely durable – plastic business cards.

• Height & width of a credit card 
• High-quality PVC plastic
• Durable, tear-resistant and waterproof

Legal restrictions: We cannot print any design that features elements similar to ID cards, credit cards or bank cards.

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Paper weight
Flexible - 0.02"
Rigid - 0.03"
Paper stock
Standard (2.13" x 3.37")
Price $0.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Custom plastic cards for business, loyalty or membership cards.

Whether you’re passing out your contact info or creating something for VIPs, our plastic business cards grab people’s attention. The unique texture and shine makes them stand out from traditional paper cards. And the flexible, but strong PVC business cards last a lot longer, too.

Tips for plastic card printing

  • Designs that use bright colors work best on the high-gloss plastic
  • Printing on both sides makes the cards more attention-grabbing
  • Use permanent marker to write on the cards (except for black plastic business cards)


  • Our plastic business cards don't come with "mag strip" technology – the black stripe on the back that readers can access.
  • Files containing graphics or images used in producing identifications, credit cards or bank cards are prohibited.

Ideas and Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I print out electronic or magnetic keycards?
Our plastic business cards don’t come with “mag strip” technology – the black stripe on the back that readers can access.

Q: Can I create ID cards?
While we’re not limited to just plastic business card printing, we cannot legally print any design that looks like an ID card, credit card or bank card. Other types of custom plastic cards (like loyalty or membership cards) are fine.

Q: Do you have templates or designs I can use for my cards?
Absolutely. We have photography templates , landscaping templates and plenty more options for all kinds of industries. We even have designs specifically made for black plastic business cards.

Q: Are there special finishes available on plastic business cards?
The plastic card printing process prevents us from adding special textures or finishes to the cards. However, you can use almost any type of design – bright colors look particularly good with the high-gloss shine.

Q: Can I get plastic business cards with a clear or frosted finish?
Unfortunately, no. We’re not able offer those options with our current printing process.

Q: What type of plastic are these cards made of?
PVC plastic. And we offer our PVC business cards with a couple thickness options - one is more rigid like a credit card, and one is about a third thinner.

Q: Are there any color restrictions for designs?
While bright colors look best on plastic business cards, you’re not limited in what you can design. You could even use all white or black on your plastic business cards.
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